You don’t have to dance for dollars…3 TIK TOK & REELS Ideas that sell, without dancing!


Ok, real talk. I love to dance, I coach cheerleading, I go dancing, and have dance parties with Gray… but I don’t always see a point in dancing on Social Media unless an idea moves me. Literally. Just because one can “back it up” doesn’t mean it always has to happen in your business.

Here are 3 types that you can execute today for TIK TOK and REELS

  1. Talking Head Tip - Share one quick tip that will help your audience get a quick snapshot of a solution to a problem they may have. If you haven’t accessed my Selling Stories Strategy E-Book I share how to set up your stories and the same concept applies to short-form videos.

Engaging Hook + The Why + CTA

This setup helps you easily plan and execute your quick tip.

  1. Get to know you! People don’t purchase from businesses… they purchase from PEOPLE. If you have employees that engage with your audience as a whole and social media is a part of your strategy create a fun “Get to know our team”. You can also play virtual games such as“2 truths and a lie” for some reason this game never gets old!

  2. The YES/NO video. All you have to do is take a quick video of you shaking your head yes and no. Pop a yes or no question over your head that lines up with your body language cues. This is a great video for quick FAQ’s about your product or service.

Always remember to add ONE CTA (Call to Action) at the end of your videos. It doesn’t have to equal dollars, but it does have to encourage a type of engagement.

Happy Creating!

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