Wondering where the heck I've been?

Ok. It has been a long time. The BLM movement has been very hard on me. If you read my recent email you will know how I have been working toward change. If you don't know.... hint hint... go subscribe. Along side my DEI work - I have been working hard, putting my sleep, sanity, and energy into NEW product offerings.

I have been building Instagram Story Filters. I will be launching them every other Friday. Most recently we celebrated the Fourth of July pineapple style. I have been teaching FREE Canva design classes to new entrepreneurs like myself. I have been speaking on panels about DEI & Marketing/Sales. And drum roll please.......

I am so excited to announce I will be bringing you a podcast called #pinneappletribe our stories. This is unlike any marketing podcast that is out there. Trust me I have done my research! We will be sharing the stories of under represented voices in our communities. From there we will be building marketing personas based on who they are. Imagine... marketing personas that are diverse and accessible!


The idea came to me when I was taking Farnoosh and Jaclyn's 7 day podcast challenge. A part of the challenge was to research the competition and I wanted to be different! So let's bring it on. We want to hear your story so, please subscribe to our mailing list to know once it goes live!

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