Quarantine & Build

Updated: Apr 7, 2020

Well, I have heard that 2020 is canceled. I have been on webinars that say "2020 ain't canceled". I have heard that this is a time for reflection and growth. Reality is that is a great mindset but, what if you have been laid off with a family to feed - like me? Or you don't know how your small business will thrive? Or heaven forbid someone in your family has COVID-19. Nope, reflection and growth are not top of mind. The uncertainty weighs heavy on our minds and hearts, so what should you do while you navigate these crazy times?

1. Give yourself grace - I am not going to judge if you are a part of the #nopants trend. I know I am now a full believer in fancy athleisure clothes! The community wants to support everyone locally, nationally, and globally. We have never seen this level of community and it is something I am grateful for. Finally, people accept me for my messy hair, no make-up, sports bra rocking self. Drake said it best "that's when your the prettiest, I hope that you don't take it wrong."

2. Have a Feelings Funeral - Yes, you read that correctly! I was on a webinar series called "2020 Ain't Cancelled" hosted by my dear friend Blaire Hervey, founder of B.Her. When Celeste from Twysted Beauty PDX told us to have a feelings funeral I never laughed and related to something so well in my life! The point is to have a pity party! Eat or drink what you want. Cry about it. Throw a dramatic hissy fit. Acknowledge the emotions, it is ok to feel and then Get up & Carry on! Let's face it friends... we have work to do!

3. Build toward something - Is there a new skill you wanted to learn to be better at work? Maybe, you wanted to learn how to do a DIY project. I know I took the time to launch Gray Digital Marketing to be the best mommy I can be in the future. Whatever it is find a purpose, something that makes you excited to get up each day and face the same four walls. If that fails, go take a #thoughtwalk.

This is a tragic time in our history, that there is no doubt. My heart goes out to all those who have lost love ones and are fearful that they might. Tomorrow is one step closer to the end of pandemic and one step closer to a better YOU. So please, give yourself grace, have your feelings funeral, and BUILD!

Stay safe and I will be here #socialdistancing & #chillinwithnomakeupon

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