Pass me the sugar... I am making Lemonade

I didn't want to be without a job or steady income. The very thought of it was terrifying. I am a single mother and though I have lots of support from many people it is a direct hit to my independence. I took a moment to have my feelings funeral and I looked at the lemons that life had handed me. I had two choices keep crying about it or say "pass me the sugar, I'm making lemonade!"

I had been working on educating myself on the ins and outs of paid digital advertising, social media growth and google analytics. My goal was to serve the small and medium-sized business community by getting their brand name out there, generate new leads and increase sales. I have always enjoyed helping others, but that was not my why? My why stands at almost 4 feet tall, has a deep love for Lighting McQueen, and will entertain anyone! My little guy deserves the best mommy. I thought I would be able to grow Gray Digital Marketing as my side hustle. Nope! Life gave me lemons. I was laid off due to the COVID-19 crisis, I had enough to pay my rent, and getting a hold of unemployment was near impossible. So dear world, please pass me the sugar... I am making lemonade.

When I was in labor I listened to Beyonce's Lemonade album. Odd album to give birth to but singing to her album gave me strength as I fought desperately to bring Gray into the world. Now, I watch the world struggle and I am a part of that struggle. I will not let it hold me back and neither should anyone else. When life hands you lemons... ask for the sugar because it is time to serve up Lemonade!

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